ELI is the Efficient Lighting Initiative, a voluntary international programme for certifying and promoting the quality and efficiency of lighting products worldwide so as to reduce the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission.

ELI was initiated in 2000 by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF), to promote efficient lighting in Argentina, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Peru, the Philippines, and South Africa. In 2005, IFC with funding from GEF, supported an establishment of the ELI Quality Certification Institute (ELI Institute) to develop and expand the ELI certification and branding system globally.

The expanded ELI programme aims to cooperate with government agencies, international organizations, manufacturers, testing laboratories, lighting associations, large retailers and other market aggregators and provide them with a global transparent and simple mechanism for certifying the quality and efficiency of lighting products sold worldwide. The ELI Institute seeks strategic partnerships to develop a global service network, and also seeks opportunities to harmonize test methods and performance specifications with other voluntary labeling programmes so as to accelerate the widespread adoption of energy efficient lighting products and thereby reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The interested applicants including manufacturers and distributors may qualify their lighting products to carry the ELI logo by showing that they comply with the ELI certification requirements. Compliance with the ELI certification requirements will be determined by the ELI Institute through a stringent review and assessment process of all supporting documents and testing reports submitted by the applicants.

As an international certification programme, ELI is very keen to initiate the international cooperation and harmonization in order to promote the high efficiency lighting products all over the world. In recent years, ELI endeavor in harmonizing test procedures and performance specifications and seeking opportunity of mutual-recognition between the ELI label and other existing label. Meanwhile, ELI is seeking opportunities to introduce the ELI quality mark in developing countries where no other energy efficiency quality mark exists and where one or more local organizations express a strong interest in promoting high energy efficient lighting. And we try to harmonize with government programmes, utilities and procurement programmes to accept ELI results.

Under our great effort, ELI has already made tremendous achievement: 

  • ELI’s quality and energy efficiency labeling programme has been fully established with all associated technical and application documentation available and appropriate qualification procedures in place.
  • ELI team provides consultation service to more than 100 lighting manufactures and market players regarding the certification programme.
  • 20 manufacturers with 300 models have been certified by ELI so far.
  • Manufacturers with more than 60 models are under the application and testing process.
  • Bulk procurement buyers refer to ELI as a basis for their procurement which includes Nepal, Mauritius, Syria, Uruguay and etc.
  • The Asia Pacific Forum for Environment and Development (APFED) awarded ELI Quality Certification Institute for best practice in the Promotion of Energy Efficient and Sustainable Lighting.
  • The Australian Government accepts ELI certified CFLs within the scope of its national incandescent phase-out programme.
  • ELI’s team got involved on a programme of outreach activities which encompasses stakeholder meetings in Asia, Latin America, South Africa and Europe.
  • ELI was and will be present at major energy efficiency related events in the Asian Region, Latin America and Africa. 
ELI works with international partners to promote international harmonization and phase-out incandescent lamps.




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