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The training for National Registrated Auditor on EMS is involved with course arrangement, specialized knowledge of environmental management, treatment technology of environmental pollutants, the laws and regulations of environmental management, the emergence background of EMS series standards, the requirement and understanding key point of ISO14001, introduction of EMS audit, including Audit planning, Audit technique, Audit practice, of organization situation and mangement and operational knowledages, the related to registration, capacity requirements for EMS auditors, personal qualities of EMS auditors and registration management, etc.; the training on EMS internal audit is consist of introduction of ISO standards (the emergence and development of EMS, and the core standard on EMS), the understanding key point for ISO14001, and the procedure, requirement and method of internal auditor on EMS.

Registered Auditor/Internal Auditor Training Course of Environmental Management System (EMS) are designed and prepared by famous experts from CQM.




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