In 1997, to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products and to maintain the interests of main retailers in European countries, EUREP (Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group) organiaed the retailers, suppliers of agricultural products and producers all together to establish a certification standard for the suppliers—EUREPGAP(EUREP-Good Agriculture Practice). Based on the principle of HACCP, through conducting the risk assessment during the process of farming management, EUREPGAP standard identifies the hazard farming management factors, the key point to establishment of good agriculture practice and compliance criterion to ensure the traceability during the processess of planting and breeding for agricultural products and to ensure the food security, environmental protection and the welfare of workers can be met the requirement to enhance the consumer confidence to the products.

As EUREPGAP is an effective measure to guarantee the quality and safety of agricultural products from the source, EU requires the export agricultural products should be achieved the certificates issued by EUREPGAP. Up to Aug., 2007, EUREPGAP certification has covered more than 80 countries. In consideration of full acceptance and participation by various countries, EUREPGAP was renamed formally as GLOBALGAP at the annual meeting held in Bangkok of Thailand in Sep., 2007.

On Feb. 19th, 2010, CQM became the full member of GLOBALGAP, which marked the certification result of CHINAGAP of CQM was achieved the international mutual recognition by GLOBALGAP. In accordance with the signed mutual recognition agreement between CQM and GLOBALGAP, the organization who applies for CHINAGAP of CQM may apply for GLOBALGAP certificates and for using the registered trademark of GLOBALGAP as well on field and fruit & vegetable modules. The information related to the certification will be issued to the major retailers (such as Metro, Tesco, Ahold and etc.) through the website of GLOBALGAP, which contributes to elimination of the technical barrier in trade and to extension of internation market for the enterprises to increase its capabilities for the international market competition.




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