About Good Agricultural Practice (GAP)

Good Agricultural Practice (abbr. GAP), is a kind of operation specification for production of the initial agricultural products to strengthen the mangement behaviors on production and operation. By conducting GAP certification, it’s can be realized to control the overall process in planting and feeding, as a result, to control the quality safety of arigulture products from the source.
By regulating the mangement of processes involved with planting/feeding, harvesting, cleaning, packaging, storage and transportation, GAP encourages to decrease the usage of agrochemical and drug to achieve the purposes of quality safety, sustainable deveolpment, environmental protection, healthy and safety of employee and animal welfare.
The certification system of ChinaGAP is divided into two levels: Level 1 Certification and Level 2 Certification. Level 1 Certification is in line with the requirements of GLOBALGAP and the certificate of Level 1 Certification which is issued by the certification body is acceptable by GLOBALGAP, and the certification body should be approved and appointed by CNCA.
CQM began with GAP certification since 2007 and the business of certification covers the categories of plant and Livestock and poultry. At present, there are 103 certificates have been issued by CQM.




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