About IECEx System

IECEx System was established by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) in accordance with the relevant standard applying to the equipment used in the explosive atmosphere. The objective of the IECEx System is to establish the internationl certification system for explosion-proof electrical products, to reduce the repetitive test and experiment in different countries so as to facilitate international trade. The final aim is to achieve the unified standard (IEC standard), unified certificate(IECEx Certificate of Conformity)and unified mark (IECEx Mark of Conformity) applied to the explosion-proof electrical products worldwide. There are three certification schemes for IECEx system, including IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme, IECEx Certified Service Facilities Scheme and IECEx Certification of Personnel Competencies (CoPC).

China Quality Mark Certification Group Co., Ltd (Abbr. CQM) is the only ExCB of IECEx in China. With recommendation by CNCA, CQM smoothly passed the assessement conducted by international counterparts and achieved the authorized CB of IECEx. Since 2006, CQM has gradually developed the business of IECEx for explosion-proof electrical products. The enterprises and manufacturers from China, Australia, Japan, Italy and Brazil are the main clients of IECEx. The certified products include explosion-proof motors, switch apparatus, illumination and luminaire, instrument and apparatus, complete equipment and electrical installation accessories.

IECEx certification business of CQM can be provided the clients home and abroad with the fast and high quality certification service, among of them including:
----- The documents for application, such as application form, drawing files and quality document, in English or Chinese provided by the manufacturers are acceptable for the certification activities, which is convenient for the clients at home or abroad to apply for IECEx certification.
----- The clients may apply for the IECEx CoC (Certificate of Conformity), or only apply for QAR (Quality Assurance Report) or ExTR (Ex Testing Report) separately.
----- It’s convenient for the clients who have achieved the ExTR to apply for European ATEX or American CSA certifications.
At present, CQM is successively applying for the IECEx Certified Service Facilities Scheme for equipment maintenance and IECEx Certification of Personnel Competencies.

CQM, with the Ex testing laboratories, provides the domestic and overseas clients with fast and superior services with heart and soul.




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