About IQNet (International Certification Network)

International Certification Network is a global certification network constituted by the large-scale certification bodies with sound reputation from many countries or areas, in principle, only a certification body can be adopted by IQNet for each country.

1. Development history of IQNet:
In 1990, established EQNet (Europe Quality Network)
In 1994, established IQNet
In 1998, registered as IQNet Alliance in Switzerland
2. Concept of IQNet:
IQNet aims to promote and support the work related to improvement of quality management done by the members through the fesible and suitable methods, specially the way of mutual recognition for the certificates among the member countries. To realize this objective, IQNet provides the members with global service network, including: No matter where the organization is or how widely of scopes it has, IQNet offers the services involved with assessment, certification and accreditation of mangement systems.

3. Composition of members of IQNet currently
At present, there are 35 members for IQNet, coming from 33 countries and areas.

4. Cooperation between CQM and IQNet:
On Sep. 27th, 2001, the predecessor of CQM, China Quality Mark Certification Center of China Quality Mark Certification Commission was adopted as the full member of IQNet, which came to achieve the strategic objective of going global for CQM.

After becoming a member of IQNet, CQM has separately signed the cooperation agreement or MOU with other members of IQNet, such as DQS, JQA, KFQ and SGS. CQM is active in taking part in or undertaing successively the meetings for all members or for Asian members of IQNet regularly every year, which has aroused wide public concern in certification field.

5. Added-value for clients provided by IQNet:
Though participating in the activities of IQNet, CQM is able to communicate with many famous foreign certification bodies and establish the cooperative mechanism, which offers more opportunities for long-term development of CQM. And meanwhile, under IQNet framework, CQM may provide the clients with the most valuable services:
1) In the certification field of QMS, EMS, OHSMS and HACCP, the clients who apply for CQM certificates may apply for IQNet certificates as well, and the clients who have achieved the CQM certificates may apply for IQNet certificates independently. To achieve the IQNet certificates can bring the most value to the clients, making their companies and products global.

2) For the clients with special demand for special market, they may be treated the special services of joint certification. The organization achieved CQM’s QMS or EMS certificates may require to be converted into the corresponding certificates of other member without additional audit;

3) When necessary, CQM’s clients may apply for the equivalent statement to certify CQM’s certificates have the equal effect with those issued by other member countries of IQNet in the area of QMS and EMS.

As a core member of IQNet, CQM would like to expend constantly the popularity at hone and abroad and to enhance the position in international certification, and make the maximum efforts to provide the clients with tangible benefits and real value-added service through communication and cooperation with other members of IQNet on a global scale, which fully embodies CQM’s service purpose with focus on customers. By providing the clients with direct permit to the international market, CQM would like to give the biggest support to the clients on remaining the invincible position in the fierce market competition!




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