This standard reflects the thinking of the scientific theory of modern security system security through systematic prevention and management mechanisms, in order to reduce work-related accidents, and reduce occupational hazards, improve working conditions, to reflect the people-oriented, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff; effective control of occupational health security risks, but also to eliminate a powerful weapon on labor safety and non-tariff trade barriers in international trade.


    • Total managers shall make a commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements and a commitment to prevention of injury and ill health and continuous improvement.
      Emphasize “hazard identification”, “risk assessment” and “risk control” and “safety first, prevention first”.
      No specific occupation health and safety performance indicators, requirements in accordance with the laws and regulations on the basis of continuous improvement.
      Emphasize not only should abide by laws and regulations, but also the influence on relevant parties.
      Emphasize the organization of the implementation of the entire process control hazards.
      Requirements for potential emergencies, the establishment of emergency preparedness and response plans and procedures


    • Improve the level of organization and management and employee occupation health and safety awareness.
      Improve staff abide by the occupation health and safety laws, regulations of consciousness.
      Eliminate or reduce the occupation health and safety risks.
      Improve the organizational image, enhance the core competition ability of the organization.

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