Registered auditor training content of OHSMS include various courses, such as course arrangement, Background knowledge and basic principle of OHSMS, basic knowledge of occupational health and safety control technology, hazard identification, basic knowledge of risk assessment and risk control measures, laws and regulations of occupational health and safety, Requirements and understand points ofGB/T28001-2011” Occupational health and safety management systems—Requirements”,  Audit introduction of OHSMS, Audit planning, Audit Techniques, Audit implementation, Status of organization and basic knowledge of management and operation, auditor competence of OHSMS, quality of auditor, case study of registration management; the training on OHSMS internal audit is consist of introduction of ISO standards (the emergence and development of OHSMS, and the core standard on OHSMS), the understanding key point for GB/T28001-2011, and the procedure, requirement and method of internal auditor on OHSMS.

Registered Auditor/Internal Auditor Training Course of Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) are designed and prepared by famous experts from CQM.




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