About Remanufactured Product Assessment

Remanufactured product assessment is one kind of key work in the field of industry and information started in 2009 by Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). Remanufactured products are the ones whose performance and quality can achieve or exceed the requirement of new products by applying advanced remanufacturing technology to transform industrial wastes.
CQM has carried out remanufactured product assessment entrusted by MIIT since 2010. Since undertaken the assessment and evaluation of the remanufactured product, according to “Interim measures for remanufactured product assessment administration” and the requirement of implementation  guidelines, CQM has established assessment management procedure reference to conformity assessment system experience. And also, CQM has drafted assessment basis through the research and analysis of related international standard. Meanwhile, CQM organizes experts from manufacturing industries and other industries to participate on site assessment, which guarantee the professionalism and authority of remanufacturing evaluation work effectively. Up to now, Relevant remanufactured products cover more than one thousand types, such as mining machinery, engineering machinery, petroleum machinery, motor, office equipment, rail vehicle parts.
At present, our country’s remanufacturing industry is still in the initial stage and needs further research and analysis. CQM is willing to communicate with other partners to work out the solution that is mentioned above.




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