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China Quality Mark Certification Group (Abbr. CQM), approved by the Administrative Department of National Certification and Accreditation Supervision with approval NO. CNCA-P-2002-045) and confirmed by China Certification and Accreditation Association (CCAA) with approval No. CCAA 021, and registered leally by Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce as an independent legal entity, is engaged in the certification and training service. CQM is qualified with trainings for National Registered Auditors in the certification areas of QMS( CCAA021-Q/CCAA021-QT), EMS(CCAA021-E/CCAA021-ET), OHSMS(CCAA021-S/CCAA021-ST) and FSMS(CCAA021-F), and training for product certification. Meanwhile, CQM is also qualified with trainings for internal auditors in the certification areas of QMS/EMS/OHSMS/FSMS, with continuing education training and all kinds of extension trainings for clients.

With professional teaching staff, advaned teaching concept and method, scientifically reasonable curriculum design, CQM may provide our society with highly efficient training service. Under many years of efforts, it is totally accumulated that 1,400 terms of trainings on ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSMS18001 and ISO22000 have been held by CQM, and 23,000 auditors and technical experts on all kinds of certification areas and more than 1,000 factory inspectors have been trained by CQM; and thousands of terms of training on internal auditors have been held by CQM, which offering more than 500,000 management personnel to all sorts of enterprises. By training a large number of outstanding certification human resources, CQM is devoted to development of certification career in China.




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