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About Us

China Quality Mark Certification Group (Abbr.CQM), registered by the Organization of National Register legally, is engaged in the certification and training service. China Quality Mark Certification Group Co., Ltd. is Core enterprise, approved by National Certification and Accreditation Supervision and administration department, registered in China which has an independent legal entity of the third party certification, training institutions.

------With the working network spreading all over the country, we offer you high-efficient and convenient service at anytime and anywhere

Being approved by the former China State Bureau of Technical Supervision (CSBTS) in Sept.1991, China Quality Mark Certification Group (CQM) always upholds the management mission of "seeking development depending on quality, and serving the world with sincerity".
With the development of the more than 20 years, CQM has possessed 29 subsidiary companies, branches and office in the whole country and become a comprehensive certification and training body  providing certification, training and other conformity assessment. We are ready to provide efficient and effective services for customers who request certification or training.

------ Perfect function service system, customized for your quality, value-added certification and training services

CQM group has formed a set of comprehensive certification evaluation service system from the initial voluntary product certification in consumables field. CQM has more than 5,000 national-level experts, full-time and part-time national registered auditors in management and certification fields, with whom CQM can timely and sufficiently provide product certification and various system certifications, including QMS certification, EMS certification, OHSMS certification, QMS and GB/T 50430 certification, FSMS(GB/T 22000)certification, HACCP certification, Diary HACCP certification, Diary GMP certification, CCC certification, Product Conformity certification, Product Safety certification, Organic Product certification, Feed certification, Explosion-proof Product certification, and GAP certification. Being developed continuously, CQM certification and business scopes presently involve industry, agriculture, traffic and transportation, commerce, service industry, information industry, etc. About 90 inspection and testing laboratories accredited by the state have signed contracts with CQM and taken inspection tasks of product certification.
Now CQM has a large number of full-time and part-time teachers having teaching experience for many years and a wide range of knowledge, strong professional competence, and rich auditing experiences. Approved by Certification and Accreditation Administration of People's Republic of China (CNCA) and accredited by China Certification and Accreditation Association (CCAA), CQM has got the qualification of national registered auditors training and internal auditor training of QMS, EMS, OHSMS and FSMS. CQM training possesses the characteristics of excellent teacher resources, scientific and reasonable course arrangement, rich and practical case exercises, relaxing and interactive teaching style, and reliable quality guarantee. Meanwhile, CQM will perfect and provide more and better individualized trainings and other conformity assessment services in a continuously manner.

------The globalization of CQM Certification

CQM has formed a good image in the certification field both home and abroad with its scrupulous work and excellent service. Being the full member of IQNet (International Certification Network),IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), IECEx Certification Body (ExCB) GLOBALGAP Certification Body and widely recognized by international partners.
Meanwhile, CQM has had good cooperation and mutual-recognizing collaboration with many well-know international certification bodies, such as SQS from Switzerland, JQA from Japan, DQS from Germany, and FCAV from Brazil, etc. Thus organizations certified by CQM may apply for one or several certificates from certification bodies abroad without repeated audit according to the agreement signed between CQM and the international certification bodies; According to the recognition license agreement signed between CQM and GLOBALGAP, the organization applying for CHINAGAP Level 1 certification(Field module and Fruit and vegetable module) of CHINAGAP of CQM may apply for the certificate of GLOBALGAP, and use the registered trade mark and logo.

Customers satisfaction is the supreme standard pursued by CQM, and 'no defect' in certification decision is the everlasting target. CQM will carry out the quality policy of 'impartial performance, objective evaluation, scientific management, normative service' to satisfy the expectation of society and organizations. CQM will make every effort to provide certification service with high efficiency and added value, ensuring the certified organizations to make continuous progress in the fierce competition in domestic and international market.

CQM Group will make public the name list and related information of Organizations area approved by CQM ​​ by CQM website (http://www.cqm.com.cn)
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