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  The chairman of Global Food Safety Initiative (hereafter referred to as GFSI) Yves Rey paid a visit to CQM on November 1, 2013. The general manager of CQM Ji Xiaodong and relevant personnel joined the talks. Both parties briefed to each other their own situation, and had a conversation on how to ensure the food safety and promote the food safety of China into the global food safety by using the third-party certification. Meanwhile, CQM, as a greatly influential domestic CB in the interior food safety certification area, has provided a lot of supports to the work team of GFSI in China. They also had a discussion about the further cooperation between GFSI and CQM in the future.
  In the beginning of 2010, CQM was commissioned by CNCA to track the technical documentation of GFSI. Based on the previous preparation, CNCA entrusted CQM to take the lead to establish team which specially engages in the mutual-recognized work in July of 2010. CQM actively used its advantages according to the specialties and organized experts in sectors to carry out the work. By several communications with GFSI and the comparison with the technical files of earlier stage, GFSI has finished the document review for accreditation and will accredit the HACCP certification system of China in the coming future.



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